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Ramona Falls, Oregon, United States

Ramona Falls is a horsetail type waterfall on the upper Sandy River on the west side of Mount Hood, Clackamas County, Oregon, United States. Ramona Falls is located in forest along the Pacific Crest Trail at an elevation of 3,560 feet. Ramona Fall is 120 feet tall cascading and splitting into ever smaller fingers of water broken up by the hexagonal columns of basalt at the base of the cliff.

Hiking at Ramona Falls

The hiking of Ramona Falls is most admirable destination for thrill seekers due to gradual elevation gain. The climax of wondrous of Ramona Falls is a popular family hike is no longer a walk in the park. The eternal bridge at the Sandy River was wiped out but after some years, Forest service has restored the log bridge now. The river is although easy to get across on the logs, but could be hard with pets or small children. There was a sad incident took place here. When a hiker was swept off the seasonal bridge and gets drowned in the rising waters after sudden storms.

So, you need to be sure to wear proper shoes, take necessary things in your bag pack. One important thing you should keep in your mind, if there is heavy rain, then stop yourself and do not attempt to cross the Sandy River as water speed is too furious and fast.  Furthermore, Ramona Falls became part of the Mt. Hood Wilderness in 2009, so consider this is a hike into the backcountry with all the attendant precautions. If you photograph lover, then this is very picturesque and mild hike. The elevation climb was gradual that it felt very easy.

Ramona Falls Trail

A beautiful 7.1 mile Ramona Fall trail is heavily trafficked offers a number of activity options. The best time to use this trail from April till October. You can also accompany with your dog on this trail but must be kept on leash. Many people finish the trail in 2.5 hours. But we would recommend extending your time span to 4 to 6 hours to enjoy the natural scenery along the way.

However, your trip would have been fun relatively easy hike! Be prepared to walk on a log to cross the river! So, it is super pretty and cool empty trail.  The majority of the trail is a sandy mix that’s not too hard on the feet.  Also, prefer to make return trip on the north leg. That is so wonderful due to lush green path of Ramona Creek and magnificent towering cliff before veering south to head back towards the trailhead. This is most famous place, so expect to see many people especially on Saturday and Sunday.
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