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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The Changing Beauty of Kotisaari Island in Finland through All Four Seasons

The nature photographer “Jani Ylinampa” based in Rovaniemi, a legendary lumberjack town. He‘s a real master of capturing the breathtaking sunsets, dancing Northern Lights, Amazing forests, Landscapes, lakes and other wonders of nature. The Ounas- and Kemi rivers were used as floating channels for the log industry from the late 1800 century until end of 1980 when the floating channels were replaced by the more modern use of trucks.

Ylinampa is passionate photographer, and he’s been doing it for almost 15 years. He has vast experience of nature, how, when and where to capture. So, one of his magical objects that caught Ylinampa‘s eye was a beautiful Kotisaari island in Rovaniemi, that used to be a traditional stronghold of the Lumberjacks in Kemijoki. In the good old days the Kotisaari Island was a traditional stronghold of the Lumberjacks in Kemijoki, and enters this idyllic island. 
Well, it makes sense, because in autumn the grass is just begin to dry out after its growth spurt during summer, whereas in spring it's already dried from having been under snow for a couple of months and just beginning to regain its color. Interestingly, in southern Europe the colors are inverted - the grass is greener in spring as it dries out due to strong sunlight at the height of summer, though winter comes with humidity but little (if any) snow which allows it to regain its color.

Floating in the scenic Kemi River, it became just the right place to fulfil photographer’s wish to capture the varying attractiveness of nature. Ylinampa documented the Kotisaari Island from a drone through all four seasons, which resulted in four really different but spellbinding pictures of this wonderful piece of land. The Lumberjacks’ history still lives on in the buildings of the island. The old boathouse has been revamped and it is now used as a tavern. You can only reach the island by boat along the scenic Kemi River to spend a peaceable summer day on this small island or an atmospheric autumn evening when the lights of the city flicker on the river.




Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Kummakivi: The Natural Wonder in Finland

Well, you’ve seen number of natural phenomenal these days. But certain natural occurrence leaves us all scratching our heads, i.e. “Kummakivi” a definite geological formation found in the dense forest of Finland. The mysterious formation is that of a giant rock performing an incredible balancing act on a seemingly smooth, curved mound.

Therefore, no scientific explanation found how the rock balanced? The researchers have given name translates as “strange rock” in Finnish, has wound up in such a bewildering position, but doesn’t it look unusual? Hence, some Finnish folklore believes the odd locations of these colossal stones by saying that trolls carried, threw or rolled them there. This eccentric sight puzzled visitors since its discovery, and spawned stories of giants having but geologists have more realistic explanation: glaciers.

This huge Rock is located in Finland, at 61.5 degrees N consists of four big layers, and on the front side down below is a large V-shaped carving, which resembles the coast of South Greenland. However, wonder whether these features of the Stone relate to ancient stories? Finland is one of Europe’s best places of true wilderness, hide thousands of strange stories and secrets to be revealed by those who love nature. There are caves, rocks and gorges shaped in strange ways by the ice-age and the effects of prolong winters.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Wednesday, 17 April 2013