Friday, 9 September 2016

The Granite Town, The Strange 65-ft Tall Rock Formations just Discovered in Siberia

The granite town, a bizarre 65ft-tall rock formations just discovered in Siberia. The rocks tower up above the ground, knocking together like granite skyscrapers as they keep watch over the vast Siberian landscape. The magnificent photographs are among the first ever taken of the rare rock formations in the Ulakhan-Sis mountain range - a flawless natural wonder as yet undiscovered by the tourist market. The hint of the impressive scenery the magical destination above the Arctic Circle can finally be put on the map. 
Alexander Krivoshapkin was the first who snapped this magical place. He went there in a helicopter whilst counting wild reindeer herds around Ulakhan-Sis in the north-east of Siberia. Therefore, his photographs are believed to be the first ever taken of the structures, known as Sundrun Pillars. However, in the middle of the bare tundra were buttes some 10 to 20m high up to 65ft, standing in groups and alone, like some warriors on a march, who were suddenly petrified with malicious intent of a local shaman centuries ago or like the ruins of an ancient city, which was inhabited by a hitherto unknown people. This is one of the most inaccessible and practically unknown areas of Yakutia, the mountain ridge of Ulakhan-Sis. The stone sentries are known as 'kisilyakhi', in the local Yakut language from the word 'kisi' meaning man. The shapes are believed to have been sculpted by relentless freezing and thawing of the granite and surrounding sandstone.