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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Semuc Champey; Guatemala

Semuc Champey, consists of natural 300 m limestone bridge, a natural monument in the department of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala near the Q’echi’ Maya town of Lanquin. The Cahabon River passes under the bridge, and atop of bridge a series of stepped, turquoise pools. Semuc Champey, which in the language of the Maya means “sacred water,” and another name for it might well be heaven. Semuc Champey is a natural wonder tucked away in the mountains of an isolated jungle in Guatemala where the harder rock on the surface has held strong while the river eroded the softer rock beneath.

It’s a famous swimming place among visitors and getting more popular as the time passes. The pools naturally created by Cahabon River which turquoise color and Muddy River runs beneath them and out the bottom of a larger waterfall on the other end. The pools water is so clear, as it is rain water and river may flood over the pools as well. The natural limestone bridge & turquoise blue pools of Semuc Champey had revealed themselves where you can get a great view of the scenery around you. The Cahabòn River water color is incredible a strong bright turquoise blue that sharply stands out from the surrounding green jungle.

So, you should be very careful to get close to the edge, as few people have fallen in here before, never to be found again. Due to this sad incident, the park has hired a guy who stands near the hole and warn you with whistle not go to edges. Make sure to dip into pools, some areas are deep enough to dive into from high points on the limestone shelf. The limestone's have small caves too, and you can swim and enjoy into them and explore from underneath a waterfall. There’s slight sunlight outside reflecting from the bright blue water to give you beautiful view.

This is the perfect place which had inspired visitor’s quest, a source of fascination and trepidation and it looks like Mother Nature’s amusement park. In spite of staggering beauty the place is so cut off but most extraordinary spot you’d have ever seen. A tangle of greenery with lovely parrots in the trees, monkeys, an underground river, miles of stalactite-and-stalagmite-filled caves orchids in the trees, butterflies fluttering: if there was an Eden on earth this might be it.

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