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Friday, 2 October 2015

The Ultimate Villa on Dunbar Rock in Pristine Caribbean Waters

Wow, yes this is ultimate diver's paradise! The incredible resort that's perched on a rock in pristine Caribbean waters, only two ways to recommend at this spectacular resort either by boat or helicopter. The luxurious resorts sit on a solid rock in the Caribbean and are surrounded by water on all sides, if someone wants real protocol there's a helipad for who wants to arrive in dramatic style. Believe it, the sea literally at your doorstep, as there’s a private beach and eight suites for guests. Therefore, Villa on Dunbar Rock, despite the proximity of the sea, throws in an infinity pool for its visitors anyway the rock offers handy access for those keen to explore under the surface of the idyllic marine area.

Moreover, the exclusive rock retreat is situated around 44 miles off the north coast of Honduras, though visitors will never be absolutely stuck there if they don't want to be. The trained staff can arrange boats to take you to see the sights of Guanaja area, which has waterfalls, sea kayaking, bars, restaurants and fishing. Don’t worry and keep expecting, there’re more than enough to entertain on the private island. The Rock resort 7-night packages at the Villa on Dunbar Rock start at $1,952 per person with dives included in the price.

Well, the $1.7 million rock home took two years to be transformed into an extravagance $10 million dream island mansion, with 15,000 square feet of rooms spread across four floors. Moreover, visitors can submit to their isolation on balcony sun loungers and relish incredible views. There’s even a chef on hand to make meals, made using local flavors. If you demand to hone your diving skills, Padi certified instructors are on hand to support you to explore the Guanaja reef. The Villa on Dunbar Rock also comes with a dive center stocked with new rental equipment and three dive boats. Forget battling with other holidaymakers for space on the beach, because the rock retreat comes with its own private stretch of golden sand. The island could be the impeccable place to book out for a group holiday or event, as the eight air-conditioned rooms can sleep up to 18 adults.