Friday, 12 October 2018

Hide and Seek Beach: The Miracles of Nature in Odisha

This world is full of so many places to discover, that even a lifetime of travelling will not be sufficient for it. An Indian strange Chandipur beach, located in the Balasore district of Odisha, is a place waiting to be discovered. This is called the Hide and Seek Beach, actually a miracle of nature. Hide and Seek beach always spellbound us by its lovely and unusual creations. Due to its rare and exclusive phenomenon, it is globally popularized as ‘vanishing sea’. Apart from this, there are other amazing features which add to its exceptionality.
One place which is every person would look at through his own perspective, and that's what discovery really means. A phenomenon that is rarely seen in any other part of the world, the sea here recedes by as much as 5KM every day.  Odisha, fondly called the “Soul of India”, is highly rich in its culture and heritage, making it one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Also, every year in the month of February, a beach festival takes place here to setting folk dance, art, and culture of the State. The beach is also home to biodiversity and supports a wide variety of sea animals.
Well, believe us or not, the beach is not a constantly existing feature on the map. At least it doesn't look the same every time. Is it surprised? Hence, whenever you are at the Chandipur beach, you can actually see the sea disappear in front of your eyes, and come back again and see the area of sand dunes. So, when you are at the beach during the ebb, you can see the water receding massively from the beach and then coming back during the high tide in order to fill up the emptiness. This Hide and Seek of the sea comes to play with you twice a day. However, the locals are fully aware of the time of the high and low tides.
This is the reason why the beach is home to a host of unique species, i.e., horseshoe crab and the red crab. It’s a surreal experience to watch the sea disappear before your eyes and walked on the exposed sea bed. One can find pearls, seashells, crabs and tiny fish on the shore during the times of low tide. This is not something that every other beach offers. The sight of Casuarina trees and sand dunes also call for a visual treat. The ultimate golden colored sea beach has gorgeous casuarina trees and the solitary sand dunes which make the ambiance over there more peaceful and soothing.
However, travelers can visit this dramatic beach anytime. The best time according to the locals is from November to March. Hide and Seek Beach is in depth feel of magic of nature, to feel the wet soft sand under your feet and live up the unforgettable experience. A trip to Hide and Seek Beach will leave you mesmerized on how beautiful and interesting place in India. If you’re visiting beach in the afternoon, then don't miss the spectacular sunset here. Source: CP

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