Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano, Tanzania

Ol Doinyo Lengai, is located in the north of Tanzania nearby Lake Natron and is part of the volcanic system of the Great Rift Valley in East Africa. The mountain altitude is 2962 m, is a part of the fault zone, which is called Grid Sikes, where, the crust is predominantly thin. This is one of the rarest volcanoes in the world, one that spews natrocarbonatite lava.

The composition of the lava is such that permits the volcano explodes at adequately low temperatures. The melt temperature of 510-600 ° C is the coldest and molten lava in the world. It flows along the ground like water. Moreover, the hot lava color is black or dark brown, but after a few hours of exposure to air carbonate melt brightens, and some months later becomes almost white. So that it does not snow as it might seem at first sight. Moreover solidified lava carbonate is soft and brittle, effortlessly soluble in water, apparently, so geologists find no trace of similar eruptions in ancient times.

The sun lava crystal components (sodium carbonate) sparkle just like beautiful diamonds. In the fog, on the contrary, the lava becomes almost invisible gently flowing down the slopes, catches by surprise tourists, abruptly finds his shoes burning. This rare volcano is very active and frequently erupts, which is why all the nearby area within a radius of 100 kilometers frequently covered with ashes. In the neighborhood you can also see extinct volcanoes that are fellow “Ol Doina Lengai”, but I haven’t spew black lava. Moreover researchers believe that the eruption of the volcano can go to a height of about 1000 meters thick black flies column of ash.

Moreover, if you want to climb the volcano, then it is possible, but you’ll have to overcome the little trouble. Approximately half of the route passed, the promotion becomes much slower, since feet are slipping back and drowns, and walking at an altitude is much exhausting. The trail was our hardened lava on which to go hard and dangerous, and volcanic ash in which the legs are buried up to his ankles. Thus, place a layer of lava reaches half a meter deep, and it shows through thick grass, which a few years ago were covered slopes all the way to the top. Much closer to the top begins to be felt odor. When you reach the top, you’ll observe the blowing is strong and cold wind. A descent is even more dangerous than climbing the mountain.

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