Friday, 31 March 2017

Galesnjak, The Lovers Island, Croatia

There is a tiny island in Croatia which is causing a sensation between all lovebirds on the planet earth. It is small and uninhabited island doesn’t have any natural attractions.  Galešnjak is also called “Island of Love”, “Lover's Island”, and “Isle of Love”, is located in the Pašman channel of the Adriatic, between the islands of Pašman and the town of Turanj on mainland Croatia. The island is famous due to its naturally occurring heart-shaped objects such as the Heart Reef in the Whitsundays. The lover’s island has a surface area of 0.132 km2, with its beach measuring 1.55 km in length. It seems many lovers from around the world consider it the ideal spot for a romantic Day break. The beautiful heart shaped island features two peaks, the highest of which is 36 m high above sea level.

The island's unusual shape was first recorded in the early 19th century by Napoleon's cartographer Charles-François Beautemps-Beaupré. The island was highlighted on Google Earth in February 2009, which brought the island to worldwide attention. Therefore, in the recent times, the activity on the island has created two large scars across the heart, one spanning the island from a pier on the north to the south, and the other to the west of it. It has been incredible, and the most perfect heart-shaped island in the world. Nobody lives there so if lovers really do want to spend time alone it's the perfect desert island. It looked a bit like a heart but since it's been on Google Earth everyone else has seen it too and the whole world seems to want to stay here.

Therefore, couples on honeymoons, marrieds celebrating anniversaries and young men wanting to propose find Galešnjak the ideal destination. The island has an aura, a charm which is almost magical. Galešnjak is privately owned and contains only wild plants and trees. Human activity recorded on this island is three known Illyrian burial mounds and remains of an ancient building's foundations. It was included in an atlas of the Dalmatian coast which was created in 1806. But it was through Google Earth that Galesnjak first became a global sensation. Galešnjak does not have any tourist facilities or any sort of man-made structures. All it has are shrubs upon its rather rocky terrain, wild untamed atmosphere appeals to most lovers. The island is isolated, quiet and private.

It is the perfect place to relish a romantic moment uninterrupted. The heart shaped island has some pebble beaches, the best kept beaches on the planet, but they are good enough for a romantic swim. Galešnjak is surrounded by the emerald-blue waters of the Pašman channel; give it an idyllic, paradise-like feel. Hence, due to its beautiful atmosphere which makes all who visit Galešnjak not wish to leave? However, most people who travel to Galešnjak cannot stay overnight because of no amenities on the island. Therefore, the only available option of staying overnight here is camping. However, many people visit the island set up base in the adjacent island of Pašman or in the major tourist hub of Zadar. They rent a boat and ride to the island or take up one of the cruises which make stopovers on the island.  Therefore, Galešnjak is a must-visit island in Croatia for anyone who desires to share an unforgettable moment with their soul mate, flawless place to chill out, camp, picnic, swim and share sentimental moments. As mentioned above, the island is privately owned hence, permission has to be sought in order to access it.

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