Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Photographer Captures Brilliant Snow-Capped Mountains and Serene Lochs of the Scottish Highlands

Well, Forget the Alps! A Scottish photographer captures splendid snow-capped mountains and serene lochs of the Scottish Highlands from valley to peak. The Camillo Berenosh has spent many years in travelling, capture breath-taking untamed beauty of native country. The remarkable Scottish landscape is the passion of his new journey. When you see his series of pictures, you’d definitely forget your tension a while, incredible snow-topped peaks, deep green valleys and unharmed forests. The Edinburgh based photographer is exploring Scotland from high to low capturing incredible landscape along the way. Therefore, heading deep into nature Camillo presents the raw natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and tranquil lochs through the seasons from icy and snow-capped to blooming with flowers.

He said; I often camped on summits, despite of harsh weather conditions, I didn’t afraid to wait for right time and condition to capture the photographs. I have bit a slower approach in terms of time to take perfect click, also enable me to a stronger connection with the landscape and flora and fauna of remote upland areas. I wanted to protect Scottish nature by doing this project, showing a greater appreciation of unrivalled grandeur of the hills, landscapes, forest and many anthropological threats they are facing these days. I also want to motivate other photographer to come Scotland to explore untouched places. I am sure, they’d be spellbound by diverse and staggeringly beautiful landscapes in the remoter parts of this country. I’ve spent several hours in the hills, with precise destinations often primarily being determined by where the weather forecast looked most favorable.

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