Thursday, 21 September 2017

Chan D Ya Cliff, China

In South Western of Chinese Autonomous Region of Guizhou province, there’s a cliff named “Chan D Ya”, producing the smooth and rounded eggs shaped stones falling to the grounds. This is a 30 years process as per local people have observed for years as the eggs ‘incubate’ in hollow overhangs on the cliff and eventually fall to the ground. The Chan D Ya, meaning “Cliff to Lay Eggs”, formed more than 500 million years ago, contains a certain part of calcareous rocks. It has an uneven surface but every three decades it emits these odd-shaped rocks. The peoples of nearby village Gulu have been scratching their heads over several years as they keep finding impeccably smooth rocks.

The geologists believe the egg-shaped stones are in result of different erosion of each stone, to destroy each type of rock and led to the exclusive formation of stone eggs. However, not sure about smoothness and rounded stones, why the site is composed of limestone. However, the specific section of cliff, which is part of Mount Gandeng, is made of calcareous rock that is common in many regions on Earth.

Such formations are considered good luck premises and those who can get or take the 'eggs' from the stone. Or may collect from the ground, as they fall with a positive frequency over the years and carry to their house, they get an amulet. The “eggs” arise in a time-spaced period; it is about 30 years between the appearances of new oval forms on the cliff. Chan D Ya, cliff is 19 ft high and 65ft long. The local peoples have different superstitions, and collect eggs to take home because they thought; these stones bring good luck and blessing. This is reason, only 70 stones are preserved, however the others may have been sold or stolen.

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