Sunday, 20 September 2015

Saarinen Falls Baraga County Michigan-time lapse

 Saarinen Falls is on the Falls River in the L`Anse area of Baraga County. North of Powerhouse Falls and south of the set of waterfalls in downtown, this along with a series of other beautiful cascades is primarily on private property along the river. I am fortunate enough to know someone with property on this section of the river. The first time I lay my eyes on the scene to take just some pictures, I was happily surprised at the jewel in my friends backyard. I made a return trip to the area with a bit more time on my hands and spent the 3+ hours it took to capture the 5000 pictures I needed for my video. I hope to return in the fall to record it in full Autumn color, too.

Saarinen Falls Baraga County Michigan-time lapse from Douglas Feltman on Vimeo.

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