Sunday, 29 December 2013

Luoping Spring Seasons Yellow Flowers

Luoping is a little countryside in eastern Yunnan situated about 228 KM north east of Kunming China. In the spring, Luoping turns into an ocean of flowers. It is located close to the border of Yunnan with Guizhou and Guangxi provinces. The town was frequently ignored by visitor passing through the region until recently. It had become a Mecca for photographers, who flock to this little county every early spring to capture the wonderful “sea of yellow” of blooming rapeseed flowers. The magnificent photos in turn, draw more and more tourists to this beautiful rural photographic haven. It's that time of the year that the rapeseed flowers or canola are in full bloom. Photographers flock to this beautiful destination to capture the stunning sight rolling hills surrounded by bright yellow flowers as far as the eye can see. The blooming buds fill the air with the refreshing smell of spring that not only is a magnet for human, but also bees. The attractiveness of the yellow sea of rapeseed flowers swaying in slow swirling waves in the gentle breeze is a sight that is out of this world. It is also the period for beekeeping and honey processing. Beekeepers set up base in tents surrounded by the rapeseed farms every spring to keep bees and harvest their honey- the bees feed on the rapeseed flowers. Hence the majority rapeseed farms are also abuzz with bees in the spring and can be a small irritating. These beekeepers move on to other locations within Luoping after the rapeseed season, using wildflowers as feedstock for their bees.

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