Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Haifoss Waterfall Iceland

Haifoss means “high waterfall” is a waterfall in Fossardalur valley innermost of Thjorsardalur valley in South Iceland. Haifoss is Iceland 2nd highest waterfall with a height of 122 meters. The waterfall Háifoss is situated near the volcano Hekla in the south of Iceland.  From the historical farm Þjóðveldisbærinn Stöng, which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption of Hekla in the Middle Ages and reconstructed, it is possible to hike to the waterfall along the Fossá (5 to 6 hours both directions).

Well, above the waterfall, there is also a parking lot, so the hiking can also be made in the other direction. Moreover nearby Haifoss another waterfall which is called Granni, meaning 'Neighbour', i.e. a neighbour to Haifoss. If you get the encyclopedic facts aside, what really made this waterfall stand out was that it was also accompanied by an identical waterfall often called Granni the Neighbor in an adjacent gorge. You’d be quite lucky enough, if both waterfalls at their full flow. The Haifoss falls is hauntingly attractive desolate landscape of the Icelandic highlands. 

Perhaps you’ve to required physical exertion, as the road is pretty bumpy one, which can damage your car transmission and tires. The car parking is quite easy here; you just need to go downhill for super view of Haifoss, and Granni. It there’s rain then you’ve a chance of splendid rainbows making your trip memorable. Many tourists spent time here by taking photograph and chilling out there. Both waterfalls were on segments of the Fossá River, and the views of the both waterfalls were from the top of a deep chasm, you’ve to be careful not to get too close to the edges of the unstable cliffs. Source: Charismatic Planet