Friday, 13 October 2017

Japanese Museum of Rocks That Look Like Human Faces

In Chichibu, there is a museum of rocks where you won’t learn anything about geology. Though, you will enjoy spending some pleasant hours marveling at bizarre exhibits such as the Elvis Presley rock, the Boris Yeltsin rock, the Jesus rock, the Nemo rock and the Donkey Kong rock. The museum lies about two hours northwest of Tokyo, also called “Chinsekikan” means “hall of curious rocks”. The museum contains more than 1700 specimens, and out of 900 are resemble human faces.

 Moreover, these unaltered rocks naturally resemble celebrities, religious figures, movie characters, and more. The avid collector, Shozo Hayama took the step to collect rocks, spent 50 years collecting naturally eroded rocks that looked like human faces. Although, Shozo Hayama no more alive and died in 2010 and his wife running museum affairs.

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