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Friday, 12 January 2018

Larabanga Mosque & Mystic Stone

Larabanga is a small town in Western Gonja in Northern Region, 5 miles from Mole National Park. It is a predominantly Muslim town and became famous because of the adobe Sahelian mosque which was built in the style of buildings in the former Western Sudanese Empires. It was at the height of the trans-Saharan trade. It is reputed to be Ghana's oldest Islamic mosque. This adobe Sahelian mosque is said to date from 1421 has been included on the 2002 World Monuments Watch. The Sahelian mosque, built with mud and reeds, has two tall towers in pyramidal shape, one for the “Mehrab” direction towards Makkah forming the facade on the east and the other as a minaret in the northeast corner. These are buttressed by twelve bulbous shaped structures, which are fitted with timber elements.

More interesting during the British times, there was a road that was laid near the Larabanga Mosque; a stone was removed during the construction to make way for the road. The next day, the stone was amazingly found again on the same place it was displaced from. The mystic stone was again removed from the way and the same thing happened on the next day. Later, the officials decided to build the road around the stone and it became the mystic stone. The mosque is measures about 8 metres by 8 metres and architectural style is also known as "flat-footed adobe architecture".

The World Monuments Fund (WMF) has contributed substantially to its restoration, and lists it as one of the 100 Most Endangered Sites. Thus, the repair works have revived the knowledge of mud-plaster maintenance. It is believed to contain an ancient copy of the Quran, brought by an Arabian cleric, who accompanied the people on their migration to Larabanga. You can enjoy mosque and feel cultural atmosphere. The Mosque is built of clay in Sudanese style architecture has supporting wooden beams, jutting out of the walls. This site is located 6km away from Mole National Prak and 30km away from Damango, there are clear signposts from Mole. The local peoples have also been supported in a handicraft and tourism project to generate moneys not only for meeting the maintenance expenses of the mosque but also improve the economic conditions of the people.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Wli Waterfall Ghana

Wli Falls are located about 15 kilometers south east from the city of Hohoe (inVolta Region). Wli is the highest waterfall in Ghana about 70 meters drop! And is a part of the Agumatsa River.  On the way to the falls there are 11-log bridges that have to be must cross. So first to admire is the sheer grandeur of the fall itself; the remarkable white water of the Agumatsa River thundering about 60 meters down steep cliffs into a large pool. And second are the huge mountain formations comprising of soaring peaks and rock walls which are part of the Akwapim-Togo Mountains
At the bottom of the falls there is a natural pool which is really great for swimming but extremely cold. Wli Falls is so lovely and heavenly beautiful and crystal clear water fell in a pool of sand. There’re creeks under the water and one should not go near them else they can be washed away. The place is fully safe and tourist can go there easily, the local’s peoples did not cause any problem to the tourists. Another attraction about Wli is the luxurious forest environment presently designated as the Agumatsa wildlife sanctuary. Approachability is another advantage of Wli falls, visitors don’t have to climb any hills or descend steep valleys to get to the foot of this splendid geological monument.
When you’ll sit on the terrace you have a great view of the gorgeous Wli Waterfall and the mountains with Ghana's highest summit, Mount Afadjato (880 m). Moreover; sun loungers invite you to relax in the midst of nature. Therefore; on the large covered terrace you can enjoy a cool drink and some tasty food. You can explore beautiful surroundings walking or biking.
Grown-ups and kids alike enjoy the Wli Waterfall within easy walking distance to the various species of wild flora and fauna. You can discover exotic butterflies and flying dogs, and even you can sit down on bamboo benches in the forest to take a rest. A dip in the pool or showering at the foot of the water fall offers a refreshing break particularly on hot days. If you want to go the upper cascades then you require appropriate shoes and some stamina. The hike takes about 4 hours. Moreover; early afternoon sunshine offers the best lighting conditions for taking beautiful pictures.
As the Ghana leading waterfall the continuing efforts to develop the site for Ecotourism will serve as an significant model for the many in the area such as the Tagbo and Flabo falls as well as those in other parts of the country though the distinctive terrain and setting of each fall would demand different approaches. There are accommodation facilities at Afegame for overnight visitors. Numerous categories of accommodation also abound in Hohoe town; about 25 minutes’ drive from Afegame. For stress relieving, cultural lessons, relief from mundane activities and socialization, it is highly recommended Wli waterfalls as your next holiday destination.

Friday, 31 May 2013