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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas

Bahamas, Dean’s Blue Hole is world’s deepest salt water blue hole. It is circular shape hole at the surface with a 82 to 115 meters diameter. After descending 66 ft, the blue hole widens into a cavern with a diameter of 330 ft. This blue hole located near Clarence Town on the coast of Long Island, The Bahamas. It is also one of best blue hole for best diving and snorkeling site. Dean’s Blue Hole formed due to underwater erosion dissolving limestone and chemical reaction. Many sea animals to be found inside Dean’s blue hole.

Snorkelers and divers may spot snapper fish, tarpons, turtles seahorses, rays and various colorful tropical fish. Dean’s blue hole is a different one in many ways, connected to the Atlantic through an inlet on one side and framed by cliffs and white sand beaches on the other.

Sunday, 27 January 2013