Monday, 29 July 2019

Mahodand Lake, Swat Kalam, KPK, Pakistan

If you are undecided where to go in Pakistan? Then we suggest you get your luggage ready and take the route to Kalam. The ultimate abundance of unimaginable natural beauty is awaiting you. The high rises peak feast your eyes wide open to see the small streams and waterfalls along with Swat River running between dense forest.
Then park your car at Kalam valley and hire a private jeep to route your way to Mahodand Lake. Make sure, you must get ready 7:00am sharp as you have to cover approximately six destination on the way to Lake. You can spend half an hour at every place to feel the real beauty of Kalam valley. These points are Ushu Forest, Mahi Banal, Matiltan, Shaudur Waterfall, Chasma-e-Shifa, Mahodand Lake and Saifullah Lake. Ask your driver to drive jeep carefully, as this is the mountain road with hairpin curves, dangerous drop-offs and pretty narrow.

The gorgeous crystal-clear lake is about 40 KM from Kalam in the Ushu Valley of the Swat District, KPK, (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa) at an elevation of 9,400 feet. Mahodand lake banks are beautifully covered by high rise pines and pastures that serve as a camping site during the summer. The Lake is fed by melting glaciers and springs of the Hindu Kush mountain and gives rise to Ushu forest the major left tributary of the Swat River. Mahodand Lake is famous as “Lake of Fishes”.
Brown and rainbow trout fish is commonly found in the lake. The emerald green color water is divided into a series of small and large streams.  The locals are doing over-fishing for daily income, which is badly hurting the fish population. They also use illegal fishing methods like electrocution, dynamiting, and large nets. Mahodand lake is mainly reachable in summer season, however access is limited in winter. The lake is mainly covered with thick snow which caused high risk of avalanches.
Mahodand Lake basin is surrounded by a sheet of alpine flowers like geum, blue poppy, potentilla and gentian. Many stunning waterfalls reinforce the sweetness of the vale with different lengths and sizes. When crystal clear water comes down, you will feel like a milk coming down from rock mountains with cracking sound. The weather is quite pleasant in summer, so it is better to have some warm clothes for your children for any emergency. The temperature is cold if there is rain.
Hence, the gravel and tricky bumpy road in not paved, but surrounding are truly amazing. Visitors are facilitating in tent to enjoy the lush green valley. Each view is unique of emerald green field along the lake. People enjoy here boating, camping, horse riding, birdwatching, relaxing, nature, and many more. Also, you must take your power bank, to charge your phone battery. At every point, you would like to take snaps or selfies. So, phone charging is very essential to be full before your journey starts. Indeed, Mahodand Lake is a gift of nature who loves nature. The majestic landscape covers high rise cedar trees, exotic flowers, herbs, and roaring river swat.
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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Saifullah Lake - Swat, KPK Pakistan

Saifullah Lake is just behind famous Mahodand Lake is a mesmerizing lake located in the upper Usho Matiltan Valley about 41 km from Kalam, Swat District, KPK, Pakistan. Saifullah Jaheel is perched amidst the glacial alpine hills, emerald green water, attracts nature enthusiasts from across the country. 

The lake is accessible by a four-wheel drive vehicle, and is often utilized for fishing and boating. During the winter season, Saifullah Lake freezes and covered with heavy snow. However, the best time to go there is in June and July, when alpine flowers like geum, blue poppy, potentilla, and gentian blooms all part of the wild area.

The Saifullah Lake lies at the foothills of Hindu Kush Mountains at an elevation 9,400 ft. The lake is fed by melting glaciers and springs of the Hindu Kush Mountain and gives rise to Ushu Khwar, the major left tributary of the Swat River. The lake is famous for its freeing water and trout fish. That is one of most expensive fish in that area, selling around Rs. 4000 kg in nearby restaurant. The visitors feast their eyes with lush green sceneries, meadows, clumps of alpine and cedar trees and snow capped mountains.   

If you are nature lover, then this is the ideal place for camping for a night. The majestic water noise brooks gushing out of the small vale nearby Saifullah Lake. The area is more embellished by pink and yellow flowers. You would definitely enjoy the tranquility and wild beauty of the plants & birds sounds. It is one of most beautiful lake in the country. 

Moreover, one can also enjoy boating and horse rides at the lake. The Lake water are divided into a series of small and large streams, which once swarmed with brown and rainbow trout introduced by the former ruler of Swat State. But the most difficult part is to reach there. Hence, at Kalam valley, you have to hire a jeep or fielder (Japanese Car) to find your way to the bumpy and rough road. 

The drivers are normally extra charging for the full day tour with you. The tourism can boost by construction of proper road that suits to every car and vehicle. But so far, that area is neglected by government. Source: CP

Friday, 19 July 2019

Shifen Waterfall – The Little Niagara of Taiwan

In the Pingxi District, New Taipei City, a gorgeous 20 meters waterfall named Shifen Waterfall lies. The scenic waterfall is 130ft in width making it the broadest waterfall in Taiwan. The water flows in one direction and the rock is sloped in the other side. This is perhaps insanely beautiful and famous waterfall in Taiwan not tall nor as wide but incredibly powerful.
The waterfall name derived from the ten original families, who developed the area in Pingxi. It is also known as Little Niagara of Taiwan. Because the horseshoe shape mimics North America’s most famous waterfall.  Shifen Waterfall riverbed consists of many potholes causing uneven flow of the river. Therefore, this reason creating vortexes which trap passing rocks and reasoning hem to spin and carve holes.
Moreover, Shifen Waterfall accessible within walking distance of Shifen railway station. If you get bored from the constant flow of Taipei traffic. Then Shifen Waterfall is an excellent spot to relax in the beautiful nature. This is an electric place full of excitement? Walking on the two pedestrian suspension bridges make its real beauty, as turquoise river passing luscious green mountains. It’s really easy to get to Shifen from Jiufen and takes maybe 30-40 minutes or less as well as not being far from Keelung.
There are several places where you can take selfies and nature photographs. The Shifen Waterfall park has some shops and food stalls and a pond with lots of koi. Some tourists believe Shifen waterfall is much bigger and more magnificent as compared to the Golden waterfall. If you are lucky enough to have the full sunshine upon it, probably chance of rainbows hanging over the waterfall, perfect for photographers!
Your appetite may be whetted to see the scenic beauty of Shifen Waterfall in Taiwan. The waterfall retained much of its ataurique scenery as the Taipei government be able to control of the area. Moreover, some other waterfalls nearby to the loop trail’s exit called Yanjingdong Waterfall and Eyeglasses Waterfalls.
Shifen Waterfall attracts numerous tourists from Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, and Korea, and their sightseeing routes usually include Shifen Old Street. It is also suggested to tourists to pay the visit other charming small towns along the TRA Pingxi Branch Line, such as Jingtong, Pingxi, Lingjiao, and Houtong. So, visiting the Shifen Waterfall and Shifen Old Street may be a great day trip out of Taipei city. Source: CP