Sunday, 3 March 2019

Ketil Mountain, Greenland

Greenland 39.000 kilometer coastline, cut glaciers into the slice from bedrock, left behind myriad numbers of summits and walls, which are tower thousands meter from the surface. There is a massive peak in the east coast of Greenland. That is called Ketil meaning “Shell Mountain”. Ketil Mountain is 2,010 meters high in Kujalleq municipality.

Its granite walls are alike to Tiningnertok’s another huge mountain in this area. Ketil is part of massive large unglaciated Rocky Mountains in the peninsula on the eastern side of Tasermiut Fjord. Ketil Mountain is a bit lower than Ulamertorsuag. However, in terms of popularity, it is the most Favourite Mountain of climbers due to its 1000 m sheer western granite wall. Ketil Mountain is considered the most challenging Big Walls on planet earth.

Ketil Mountain is a hard-won view due to its remoteness. The trekking to Mountain provides a true wilderness experience literally to die for.  To getting there is an arduous task, as lack of trails, stinging insects, poor mapping, brutal terrain, hordes of biting, make it a hidden paradise. The Southern Greenland weather never stabilized it can abruptly change. 

So, climbers have to be ready for weather change at any time. As off now, Ketil routes are not documented and climbers wanted Tasermiut should be preserved as a record less adventure area to following in the footsteps of others.

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