Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Dove Lake, Tasmania Australia

Dove Lake is a corrie lake lies in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania, Australia. Dove Lake is a very popular visitor place owing to its immense scenic beauty, encircled by well-maintained walking paths which also lead up onto Cradle Mountain. The lake was named by prominent local Gustav Weindorfer after an official of the Van Diemen's Land Company. Dove Lake is formed by glaciation like several other lakes in the region. The unique flora and fauna of Tasmania were created in extreme isolation from much of the rest of the world, allowing life forms to evolve without outside influence. The Dove Lake is surrounded by towering mountains as well as fresh green plantation; walking paths lead to the Cradle Mountain for a more adventurous expedition. However, visitors need to take precautions since the area houses tiger snakes. The surrounding region houses a diversity of plants and animal species. Populations of wombats, pademelons and echidnas are found in addition to tiger snakes. The habitat is exclusive and includes the Tasmanian deciduous beech (Nothofagus gunnii), tussock grasses, snow gums and pencil pines. Moreover, numerous wombats, echidnas, pademelons and tiger snakes wandering at the shores of Lake. Dove Lake max length is 2.1 km, width is 0.7km, and shore length is about 6.5km.

The walk at Dove Lake is one of the most glorious walks in Tasmania and indeed in the world. Braved the rain and snow with two little ones in the middle of winter, and worth every step is. However, the flat, gravel and duckboard track is very easy going, leaving you to focus completely on the jagged peak of Cradle Mountain, which looms above the track. Thus, mainly depending on the weather conditions, abruptly switches from snow to sleet to sunshine in seconds. Cradle Mountain can seem brooding or pastoral or inviting, and some days its twin dolerite spires are totally obscured. Furthermore, along the way, there is a greater mix of terrain than one might expect for a walk of this distance, including scrubby button grass, sandy beaches, cascading streams and at the mid-point of the walk, a very special rainforest known as the Ballroom Forest. This enchanted stand of moss-covered myrtle-beech trees is the stuff of folk stories, and it is easy to picture magical creatures playing. Dove Lake is the most accessible place to experience this exclusive and rare landscape. The local guest facilities and lodgings can provide much comfort and modern convenience whereas investigating Earth's most ancient natural habitat.

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