Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Athirappally Falls, India

Marvel at Athirapally Falls, is one of India's biggest cascades, emerging from numerous streams flowing through a thick forest landscape. The stunning 330-feet wide and 80-feet high, “Athirapally falls” in Kerala have fairly earned the title of being the “Niagara Falls of India”. The falls is located near the Chalakudy River and Sholayar Ranges, 55km northeast of the Kochi Airport, Athirapally waterfalls have been enticing its visitors. The traveling to this falls is enthralling and wonderful adorned with palms and coconut trees. The road down to “Athirapally Falls” is breathtaking! Snake roads filled with an astonishing range of flora and fauna - rubber trees, palm trees, coconut trees and small streams running amidst them. Almost all roads in Kerala are scenic and make the drive even more interesting. Travelers cannot get tired of the natural beauty of greens in Kerala while driving on the roads to Athirapally falls.

There is also a trek of 2 km to reach the falls the roaring sounds of these falls, mist over the rushing water and the natural beauty all around will surely steal your heart away. During monsoon, the trek turns slippery and is filled with little frogs jumping here and there. Visitors walk around 15 minutes and you can hear the massive sound of the falls, see the river flowing past huge rocks and trees. The Vazhachal falls are also situated nearby, and you can couple this attraction with Athirapally. Infect, Athirapally Falls is magnificent and magical, by experiencing this place. Monsoons add to the charm of these falls. Though, trekking up there during that season can be risky. You would also find some local fishermen catching fish and even kids diving into the river water however swimming is not recommended during the rainy season.

The falls are so huge that for a minute you can't believe that they can be so huge. You also thank yourself that the trek is worth it as you again go down towards the falls. The massive volume of the water that flows down the mountains is overwhelming and tranquillizing at the same time. The soothing cool breeze coupled with the gentle chirping of birds from the forest nearby is a welcome change from the din of city life, and you will meticulously relish a trip here with friends and family. Plantations in the area contain teak, bamboo, and eucalyptus. Environmentalists claim that Athirappilly-Ayyampuzha is a one-of its-kind riparian ecosystem in Kerala.

If you’re planning to go to Kerala, then a visit to the Athirapally Falls becomes a must-watch experience as it is a favorite destination for all those who love the magnificence of nature and beauty. The best time to visit the fall is during the monsoon when the rain water is falling on the river, and fishermen are busy catching fish sitting by the river. There are many treks around the hilly area to explore the falls and the guide rightly calls the beauty lingers on in the mind forever. The scenic beauty of Athirappilly falls has always been attractive to filmmakers. Although astonishing on the silver screen, the beauty of Athirapally is even more breathtaking in real life and makes it well worthy experience!

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