Friday, 14 July 2017

The Jacob’s Well, Texas United States

Jacob’s well seems an abyss, and people jumping into it are crazy! Jacob’s well actually a popular tourist attraction, which beckons both locals and tourists for several years. Jacob’s Well is located on the “Cypress Creek” in the town of Wimberley, Texas, USA. The well represents an inexhaustible artesian spring; the transparent water creates the feeling of flying into an empty space while jumping. Once Jacob’s Well was a semblance of a geyser and a powerful flow of artesian water was beating to a height of 10 meters.

This scenic spring has always been reflected eternal, but lately it starts to dry out. The lowering of the aquifer has resulted in a decrease of the water level in the well. Moreover, from the second half of the 20th century, divers started to explore the cave. In 1980, after a series of accidents, in order to prevent such tragedies, the entrance to the well was closed by setting a special lattice of reinforcement and by concreting of one of the chambers of the cave. However, these warnings didn’t stop the brave divers, and all these superstructures were ultimately removed. The karstic spring entices not only the divers, but also researchers and artists. Visitors like this place as one of the most noteworthy natural, geological Texas treasures.

This perpetual underwater cave with a diameter of 4 meters derives from the most extensive underwater cave system in the state of Texas. The cave vertically goes deep into the rocks for about 10 meters, and then branches out into the endless underwater corridors, extending in indefinite directions. These branching are cameras, or even grottos, with narrow isthmuses covered with thick sludge; the entire length is about 40 meters. There are four caves at the bottom, located a few dozen of feet below the surface. The first cave can be found at a depth of 30 feet, which stretches to a depth of 55 feet. It is well lighted, and has numerous kinds of fish and algae. The second cave is located at a depth of 80 feet, has a narrow entrance, which temptations the divers into a trap. Some caves bottoms are covered with layers of limestone and loose gravel, and they are stirred up, it will be almost unbearable to find a way out of the underwater trap.

Thus, the passage between the second and the third caves is hindered with gravel, and here the divers try to be particularly careful in order not to touch the bottom. The entrance to the fourth cave is even more arduous task. Few people saw it, therefore it is called “virginal cave.” No one has ever completely explored the farthest corners of the underwater cave network. This is a threat to life of the inquisitive divers, as so far eight divers have died in the process of research of the cave. Jacob's Well in Wimberley, Texas is one of the most dangerous places to dive on Earth, having claimed the lives of more than eight divers. Recent attempts at developing the surrounding area resulted in the creation of a natural preserve so that the springs could be enjoyed for generations to come, and you would definitely visit again.

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