Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Floating Village of Hungary

Indeed the planet earth is full natural beauties and wonders. One of its most enchanted beauties is the floating village that lies in northwest of Hungarian capital of Budapest. Hence, forget the Maldives, the stunning floating village on stilts in Hungary screw your eyes just feels you in Paradise. Just apart from the power plant, gives the game away and the cold weather. The village is located at northwest of the Budapest nearby Bokod. In fact, this is Hungary’s answer to the paradise island in the Indian Ocean, known as the “floating village”.  

Therefore, there’re rows of vintage cabins, furnishes with cozy porches, have been built on stilted platforms in the Lake Bodoki and interconnected with land and other by a series of boardwalks. These cabins usually used in summer by local inhabitants but anglers throughout the year, due to village’s chilly location, though water never freeze. The adjacent power plant uses the lake as a cooling pond and pumps warm water into it, so it’s never freeze. 

In 2014, the floating village becomes more popular when Bing used a photograph of it as wallpaper for one of its search pages. So, for traveler lovers, keen to visit the mystical dwellings, the suggested route is to travel from the city of Oroszlány on the east side of the village. Moreover the settlement is one of numerous that have been constructed on stilts around the world in areas such as Papua New Guinea, northeastern Nicaragua, northern Brazil, south east Asia and west Africa.

This village of Bokod is so fascinating, enchanting and a completely a fairy tale scene. The village is made particularly for the holiday huts for traveler and has gained a lot of popularity for a very good reason and that is its beauty. The village is consists of just 2,000 inhabitants, have been attracting the peoples all over the world including famous celebrities. Moreover the nature of the water makes it suitable for fishing the year round, and the place has even been termed a fishing heaven. Therefore, this stunning place looks mystical, heavenly, and its unreal walkways are just beyond one’s imagination. Source: Charismatic Planet