Monday, 14 March 2016

Cave of Uhud

Medina has several important places in Islam, in which “Mount Uhud” is one of great site for Muslims. It is also known as “Battle of Uhud”. It is located 5km from Masjid-al-Nabawi an important place in the battle of early history of Islam. Mount Uhud comprises of group of mountains has rich history in Islam. Although there is still possible to climb the small hill and see the surrounding area as well as the graveyard of the martyrs. 

The Uhud Mountain is on short drive from Outskirts of Medina and very interesting story to share the knowledge. Well, related to the Battle of Uhud is “Cave of Uhud” which is quite far from the battle site. The cave located on the side of Mount Uhud is the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) took refuge after being wounded in the battle to receive treatment. The site is not encourage by Saudi government, as you’ve to be physically very fit to climb up and tried to get in. However, not many could do that, but those who’re fit tried to follow the path that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) climbed. From Cave, you can have rare stunning view of another part of Madinah. 

In the cave, a sweet smelling scent all round, and some say’s it is the smell of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) still here. While sceptics would say, it could be perfumes the peoples use as a sign of respect for the place.  Therefore, the fragrance, along with the awe of lying here bursts the heart, intoxicates the mind, releasing floods of blissful tears.