Friday, 11 March 2016

Al Wahbah Crater Saudi Arabia

This massive crater is long thought to have been created by an ancient meteor strike or may have been found to volcanic activity after a massive underground steam explosion caused a mage flow ran into a subterranean source of water. In result of huge eruption a colossal amount of earth into the air leaving behind this crater. Al Wahbah Crater 1.2 miles across and more than 800 feet deep, located in the middle of flat, barren desert of Taif Saudi Arabia. The crater is natural anomaly that would have been a wondrous enough on its own and hides its own salt field in its giant bowl. Al Wahbah Crater is an impressive pock mart on the earth holding stunning salt flat in its depth. Therefore, white phosphate plain forms a pattern of beige psychedelia that creates the spot all the more attractive.

Moreover, the strange salt point is, the green vegetation grows on and around its rim, even though crater is arid and barren.  The Al Wahbah crater is home to beautiful palm trees and shrubs. With the passage of time, the crater importance is converting into big tourism place and Saudi Arabia government has set their sights on the crater, providing facilities like building roads and market to the site to make it easier for tourist. The crater is also getting popular site for camping and walking.  Moreover it’s not difficult to climb down from the rim to the bottom of the crater there from the North side on a prepared path, though maximum circumference has steep, unclimbable cliffs. However, at the top of the path is a stone hut which covers rubbish and debris, and some appropriate places for camping, although there are better places to camp to the South.

Therefore, if a person wants to get in the middle of crater, then he might go in 15 to 25 minutes, but be remember this crater is very slippery and hard for people to come up to the surface. Thus, to climb back up takes 20 to 40 minutes max. Hence there is only one paved route down into the crater and not recommended to climb down in groups of less than 3, as the path is quite loose in several places and the risk of accident is high, whilst not huge, is ever present. Also there is no mobile signal within the crater, and the site receives very few visitors without a doubt, even over weekends.