Sunday, 10 January 2016

Cave of Kelpius

People have been involved to religious cults throughout the history. However, when the 17th century ended, countless people were fleeing from Europe to avoid persecution and some headed for the new world or America as we know it nowadays. Indeed Cave of Kelpius is a mysterious cave in Philadelphia, located in the dense woods really weird connection to a secret society and even extraterrestrials. Cave of Kelpius is built by a man named Johannes Kelpius, famous as “Monk of the Ridge”.  Johannes Kelpius was born in Halwagen, Germany, near Denndorf about 1673, and he was an astronomer and a scientist, had a Ph. D degree. He has different interest, but his most liked action is to looking at the sky through a telescope for bizarre arrival. He was extremely talented and far ahead of his times in terms of his knowledge in technology which cause people thought that he was a magician.

Well, if you look cave outside closely, you’ll observer it is built with extra care with a nice rusted door hinge, however the other is broken. The cave was built in 1694 and as anticipated, it is dark inside, but had a fireplace and chimney. Kelpius use to make his experiments alone in this cave. The cave roof is arched not flat, which shows how well constructed this Cave is? The inside of cave, an earthen floor and cross on walls a popular symbol of Satan. Therefore, other strange symbols and codes painted on the walls. Thus, no other artifacts or anything, but most of belongings of Kelpius, carefully taken away and ultimately given to Benjamin Franklin who was founding father of U.S and a great astronomer as well.  

The purpose of Cave building in Philadelphia is interesting, when Kelpius sailed all the way from Europe in a severe weather, actually convinced by a woman from sky, would be landing in Philadelphia. Though, the prediction was not only based on his astronomical observation but also the verses in Revelation 12:14 through 12:16. It talks about a woman who had wings and gives birth to a baby son who was destined to rule the world. Therefore, Kelpius reaches at Philadelphia with 40 men; all of them were college graduates. This huge numbers of astronomers and scientists has been observing the stars and planets. They wanted to extract information of extraterrestrial landing would take place precisely, where this Cave is now situated. As they’ve settled them, Kelpius sets up the first astronomical observatory in the Province of Pennsylvania. These 40 men’s team took turns to keep looking at the sky 24 hours a day, uses sophisticated telescope, which is so special and still preserved in the American Philosophical society founded by Benjamin Franklin. He keeps Kelpius belongings and put a lot of efforts into preserving the gadgets. Benjamin Franklin was a strong believer in extraterrestrials and hoping that aliens would land on earth sooner or later.

Well, a large marble stone right next to this cave, set by a secret society named Rosicrucians. They believe Kelpius was the first Rosicrucian to come to the U.S. The most intriguing information about this stone is some kind of code only read by Rosicrucians. i.e. a word written on the TOP is “Cro Maat” means “The Truth shall be” is a Egyptian word, however, Rosicrucian society is officially called “The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis”. Although, this is entirely irrelevant, but if you reverse the order of words,  

But the most intriguing detail about this stone is that it is some kind of a code that can be read only by Rosicrucians. I'll give you an example: On the top, you can see the words "Cro Maat". If you Google Cro Maat, you'll see that it is Egyptian for the words "The Truth Shall Be". But, the Rosicrucian Society is officially called "The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis". This seems totally irrelevant, but if you reverse the order of these words, Crucis Rosae Order Mystical and Ancient the" and then take the first letter of every word, you get "Cro Maat".