Thursday, 28 January 2016

Burj-Al-Arab: The World’s Only Sever Star Hotel

Well, The world only “seven star” hotel is about to get even better, by self-proclaimed most luxurious hotel in the world is about to offer its visitors even more extravagant amenities during their stay. The world most attractive hotel built on an artificial island is stretching further into the sea with a luxury leisure outdoor space. The pompous North Deck will entice guests to 328 feet into the Arabian Gulf, offering with exclusive access to 32 cabanas and 400 sun loungers along with a range of new facilities.

Moreover, the new area opening is expected in the 2nd half of 2016, will be able to unwind at one of the new hotel swimming areas, which include a 6,587-sq-ft fresh water pool and 8,912-sq-ft salt water pool; though also taking benefit of the deck's restaurant and bar. The entire deck is manufactured in Finland and transported to Dubai by sea. Therefore, the 6 sections will be lifted by crane and lowered onto a grid of 90 steel piles, stretching from the hotel out into the Arabian Gulf.

Furthermore, all elements of the construction and steel pile installation process have been considered with the marine environment in mind; specially designed to make available shade for local fish and to entice undersea ecosystems that are recognized to cluster around steel piles. The new look of hotel likely to surpassing guests expectations by providing the best Arabian hospitality experience. It is highly excited about North Deck is a true reflection of Dubai's own ambition to deliver the most outstanding experience for visitors visiting and living in Dubai. 
Moreover, this is first time, such structure and size has been built in another country and transported to Destination County to be assembled and operated. This idea really pushing the boundaries of innovation and demonstrating how committed positioning Dubai as the most exciting destination in the world and Burj Al Arab Jumeirah as the finest provider of luxury experiences.