Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Real-life Flintstones House

The incredible holiday home is carved between four granite boulders and comes with a swimming pool and bulletproof windows but there's no electricity. It looks primitive but the stone house is well-equipped with a fireplace and a pool carved out of one of the rocks could have been a yabba dabba do time.

The real life Flintstones house also known as Casa do Penedo, or House of Stone.  This strange dwelling was built in northern Portugal’s Fafe Mountains perched at an elevation of nearly 2,600ft. This house has been converting into tourist magnet after being transformed into a museum though earlier this was a holiday home by a family. Now this stone of house has earned a reputation as a real-life “Flintstones house”. However, it is ot precise, why the original owners required bulletproof doors and windows. Portuguese photographer Ricardo Oliveira Mateus, 34, recently returned to the 16.5-ft tall house to capture its unusual character.

The house was built in 1972 from four large boulders that serve as the foundation, walls and ceiling of the house. Due to its uncommon design and integration into the surrounding nature, the building has become a growing tourist attraction being really impressed by the house architecture and the magnificent view around it.

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