Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Greenland's Uncover Hidden Gems

Russian photographer “Daniel Kordan” in the recent times returned from a sailing excursion to Greenland, bringing back with him loads of stunning pictures that he captures the majestic beauty of the expanse between Saint Petersburg and Greenland. Well, for last few months, he lived aboard a yacht out on the Atlantic, where Kordan led photography workshops that took advantage of the remarkable natural surroundings. Therefore, from morning to night, he and his fellow voyagers explored wonderful icebergs, caves, glaciers, and cliffs at each landing. As their journey goes on, ever day promised something new discoveries as one day, Kordan stumbled upon hidden gems in the icy wild. He says; I was so admired with Jack London stories from my childhood and my Greenland expedition reminds me his stories. Luckily we had the great chance to ask the photographer a few questions about his unbelievable adventure.

He expresses his journey in exciting words; it was a unforgettable sailing expedition to Greenland. We used the yacht Peter the First to sail from Saint Petersburg to Greenland through Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Therefore, our journey took us two months to get to Greenland and the same time to return. We invited photographers to some stops on our way for weekly sailings around Greenland. It was a kind of photography workshop for them. Indeed this was our first experience to exploring “Disko Bay” and the “islands of Baffin Bay”. I wanted to travel more and more to Greenland, because this area has several remote and unmapped areas that are perfect for photography. Believe me, it wasn’t that easy, but we were captivated by the lovely nature and the chance to explore new areas every day. Our team consists on friendly and hard-working sailors. The captain of Peter the First and his crew made the world record quite a few years ago they circled around the North Pole in just one season. Therefore, we got a valuable experience and learned a lot of legends from locals. We’ve found gorgeous fjords and mountains, and we hiked up to elevations 1 kilometer above the sea to look at ice caps. Moreover, we’ve found a marmor cave leading far into the glacier, and we discovered an old whale cemetery. One of the most enjoyable experiences was bathing in the hot springs of Greenland. We’ve found numerous hidden beaches and hot lakes.