Thursday, 23 April 2015

Los Angeles from Above

Earlier this month I got an amazing opportunity to fly over Los Angeles at sunrise and again at sunset with my friends at Commonwealth Pictures: .The A-Camera was set up on the left side of the helicopter and was using a Tyler Pogo Stabilizer which I was super impressed with! I was shooting B-Camera on the right side leaning my body and my camera out the side of the helicopter which was insanely fun! I was using a hand-held Kenyon 6x6 stabilizer, which I was pretty happy with! The battery died about 2/3rds of the way through my flight, so on my second flight I brought two. The 6x6 was just barely powerful enough to counteract the shake of the helicopter, I suggest finding a bigger one.

It was my New Years resolution this year to get a sweet shot of me dangling my feet out of a helicopter! Needless to say I got that shot twice! Everything was shot on the Dragon in 6K at 60fps, mostly at 250ISO except for the darker situations where I went up to 1280ISO. I shot the first run with a Canon 24-70mm and the second run with a Canon 16-35mm. The track I used is called "Glimpse" by Helios

Los Angeles from Above from Patrick Lawler on Vimeo.