Thursday, 15 January 2015

Russell Falls Tasmania Australia

One of the most accessible, and beloved, waterfalls in Tasmania and could have been one of favorite spot. It is definitely the best known and most popular waterfall and was often a contest between this waterfall and Liffey Falls for the title of Tasmania's most beautiful waterfall. It is actually consisted of two main drops, but it was the satisfyingly segmented and vertical appearance along with its size that really drew the camera clicks from us and just about every other visitor who shared the experience at the falls. Russell Falls is located in the Central Highlands region of Tasmania, Australia. The Russell Falls are situated on the eastern boundary of Mount Field National Park, 100 metres downstream of the Horseshoe Falls, around 70 KM northwest of Hobart via the Brooker and Lyell highways. The nearest populated place is the village of Maydena which is 11km away with a small population and nearest sealed road to Russell Falls is the Lyell Highway 15.2km away.

They were first named the Brownings Falls when it was discover in 1856, but were recognized as the Russell Falls after 1884, by at that time they were already a popular tourist attraction. The Falls Reserve was established in 1885 and in 1899 the Russell Falls were selected as one of eight images to be used on a set of pictorial postage stamps, aimed at promoting the then colony's growing tourist industry. The Russell Falls is popular tourist attraction which is accessible by a paved walking track. The Russell waterfall descends over horizontal marine Permian siltstone benches, while the vertical faces of the falls are composed of resistant sandstone layers. Moreover at night time glow worms can be seen among the vegetation on the approach to the falls, however, you will need to turn torches off. A handrail will help you move along the track in the dark.

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