Friday, 7 November 2014

The Little Tourlitis Lighthouse perched on the islet of Tourlitis Greece.

The charismatic little Tourlitis Lighthouse is beautifully perched on the islet of Tourlitis, a chunk of rock opposite the harbor at Chora, on Andros Island. The lighthouse is situated about 200 meters out to the sea. This is Greece’s first modern lighthouse and the most striking lighthouse in the world. A flight of stairs carved into the rocks lead to the lighthouse.

The Tourlitis Lighthouse is the only Greek lighthouse to be built completely by Greek hands, and also the nation’s only wave-swept rock sentinel, visible to the brunt of heavy seas. This is the first automatic lighthouse of the Greek lighthousing system, as the lighthouse keeper doesn't really reside there. The history tells us, the first lighthouse here was built in 1897.

However it was destroyed after the Second Word War, a simple scaffold tower was erected on Tourlitis. The present lighthouse is a striking replica of the original, and was built in 1990s at the expenses of Alexandros Goulandris, an oil tycoon of Andros Island. Goulandris and his wife devoted the lighthouse in memory of their deceased daughter Violanda.