Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Augrabies Falls South Africa

The Augrabies Waterfall is possibly the most impressive thing you’ll see anywhere out there. The Augrabies Falls is an eye-catching waterfall on the Orange River, South Africa, within the Augrabies Falls National Park. The waterfalls are about 60m in height. Augrabies Falls is definitely among the major large-river waterfalls in the world. Among the Waterfalls of the World this is such a great waterfall, because the volume of the Orange River varies so greatly between the wet season and the rest of the year, and ultimately because it is so hard to appreciate the falls from the ground, Augrabies Falls can't be considered more than a second-tier world class waterfall. 

The locals Khoikhoi residents named the waterfall "Ankoerebis" which translate into means is "place of big noises" from which the Trek Boers, who settled here later on, derived the name, "Augrabies". The waterfalls have recorded 7,800 cubic metres of water every second in floods in 1988 and 6,800 cubic metres in the floods of 2006. This is more than three times the average high season flow rate of Niagara Falls of 2,400 cubic metres per second, over four times Niagara's annual average, and greater than Niagara's all-time record of 6,800 cubic metres per second. The gorge at the Augrabies Falls is 240 m deep and 18 km long, and is an impressive example of granite erosion. Well if you’re planning to visit South African then the nest time to visit begin from February to September. The waterfall is at its fullest in April. However from December to March is extremely hot, but the falls are lit up from 8 pm – 10 pm at night so you can visit after dark when it’s cooler. Source: CP