Friday, 21 November 2014

Papalaua Falls, Hawaii United States

It is impossible not to acknowledge that the falls are one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. So, the northern part of Moloka'i Island is characterized with exceptionally tall cliffs, deep lovely valleys and lush green vegetation. Papalaua Falls is one of such beautiful falls located at the beginning of deep valley. This is extremely tall waterfalls adding the extra beauty to this idyllic fairy-tale landscape. Volcanoes, rain and ocean in the north-eastern part of Moloka'i have created one of the most remarkable landscapes in the world.

Moreover volcanic activity over the last 1.5 million years has created mountains here. Summit of East Moloka'i volcano 1,514 m high gets a lot more rain than the western part of Moloka'i Island almost 4,000 mm per year thus the rainwater has cut amazing valleys in the volcanic shield and formed very tall, almost vertical ridges. Rain maintains lush vegetation is even very steep slopes which are well covered with emerald green cover of plants. Waves of Pacific Ocean have washed out the volcanic shield, creating spectacular cliffs.

Papalaua Falls are almost 501 metres tall and comprise of five drops. Particularly impressive in the middle part approximately 340 m tall drop. Water is most part does not have a free fall; it beautifully flows along a very steep fissure made by the force of the stream. Therefore each of the drops ends with a pool. This middle part of falls can be well observed from the sea. Lower part though disappears from the sight it is hidden in a very deep and steep chasm. Papalaua Falls is a sure bet for adventurous travelers who are eager for an authentic Hawaiian experience off the beaten track.Source: Charismatic Planet

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