Thursday, 9 October 2014

Hopetoun Waterfalls Victoria Australia

The gorgeous natural Hopetoun Falls is located in the Otways region of Victoria, Australia. It is well across the Air River and approximately five kilometers south of the locality of Beech Forest at an elevation of 1,030 feet above sea level and range between 148–161 feet in height. Hopetoun Falls nearby to the Apollo Bay Beech Forest Road around four  kilometers south of the Beauchamp Falls turnoff and approximately 20 kilometers northwest of the coastal town of Apollo Bay.

Hopetoun Falls was certainly one of the more pleasing waterfalls that had a healthy flow and the rainforest setting was misty, green, and lush. Furthermore to allowing ample access to tourists, extra attention has been given to preserving the natural characteristics of Hopetoun Falls. The Hopetoun falls have a large set of well-built and maintained stairs that lead down a natural patio to a seeing platform very close to the foot of the waterfall. Hopetoun Falls plunges 30 m in a classic rectangular shape. There’re countless visitors come every year to look at its natural beauty.

When you’ll see this waterfall, you’d realize the amazing beauty of waterfall, and would be a great place for a picnic. From Lavers Hill, follow the Colac-Lavers Hill Road east until you see a turn-off to the right to Hopetoun Falls and Beauchamp Falls. Then after a short distance down this road there is another junction where you will need to turn right to continue on to Hopetoun Falls car park is signed from here.