Sunday, 22 June 2014

Old Man of Storr in the Isle of Skye

The Old Man of Storr is located on the north of Skye in the area known as ‘Trotternish’. Here’re breathtaking photos of the Old Man of Storr in the Isle of Skye, Scotland There's a reason why this is one of the most snapped landscapes in the world. The Old Man Storr is a remarkable pinnacle of rock on the Ise of Skye in Scotland that's surrounded by fabulous views. Think rocky hills next to striking green grassy slopes and then visions of water beyond. The place is relatively easy walk and the hike to the pinnacle's foot is just 1 mile, especially for such a tremendous experience. Most day-trippers are content simply to meander around the Sanctuary, admiring the pinnacles and gazing up at The Storr's eastern cliffs. But the question is how did the rocky pinnacles form? 

The weight of basalt lava on sedimentary rocks of the earlier Jurassic age is the main reason of massive landslides. The hills are made of horizontal flows of the basaltic lava, built on top of each other. What's it like standing there? "The Isle of Skye is packed of magical places and this might be one of the most magical places for photographers. The pinnacles of rock are far more gigantic than this photograph conveys in low resolution. The full resolution shot reveals a head-high sign on the path and it is totally dwarfed by the Old Man’s gargantuan size. 

Walking between those titans is like living in a fantasy novel or more recently, a sci-fi film - one of the opening scenes from Prometheus was filmed here. It’s quite a place as well. For those of us who have yet to visit, here are some of dramatic photos of famous Old Man of Storr. Love how the otherworldly landscape takes on such a different feel as the seasons change. Hiking on this place is a great activity in Skye if the weather is good enough. The walk to the top is steep, and requires good shoes as it can be boggy in parts, but the view from the top is magnificent, so well worth it. Great walk for the dog however there are wild sheep roaming so keep pooches on a lead. The best sights are from the top of the cliffs to the east of the summit, from which you can look down on the tortured landslide topography where you left the crowds behind you half an hour ago.

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