Saturday, 17 May 2014

Reichenbach Falls Switzerland

The Reichenbach falls are situated in the lower part of the Reichenbachtal valley, on the Reichenbach stream, a tributary of the Aar River, approximately 2 kilometers south of the town of Meiringen, and 25 km east of Interlaken in Bern canton, central Switzerland. The waterfall is one of the highest falls in the Alps. There’re actually five cascades with an overall height of 650 feet and best known are Upper and Lower Reichenbach Falls, with a drop of about 300 feet.
Therefore; much of Reichenbach’s beauty has been marred by a hydroelectric development, but still its scenic beauty and charm of environment make this area is a popular tourist attraction. The term water falls is not such easy to define. In general, this term means the distinctive structure of the water movement of so-called bodies of flowing water. The waterfall itself is powerful and impressively tall over multiple tiers. It wasn't easy to see all the tiers in one go given much of the overall drop was concealed due to the twisting nature of its stream.
The first and upper level of the Reichenbach Falls is the deepest one. Whereas the height of fall is about 120 metres, and the water quantity distributes on a width of up to 40 metres. In summer, 3 to 5 after a heavy thunderstorm up to 30 m³ water per second flow into the valley. The lowest level of the Reichenbach Falls is unidentified and easy to visit. The medium Reichenbach Falls, however, are hardly passable but can be seen from the funicular. In theory, this waterfall was supposed to be pretty easy to visit. However the funicular ride that would've tremendously cut down the physical exertion. That funicular was first opened in the year 1899, which would make this a pretty historical apparatus. However, the one at Giessbach Falls was said to be actually older.
A cable railway brings tourists up to a platform; it is the starting point for hiking across the Rosenlauital valley, the Groß Scheidegg and Grindelwald. The Reichenbach Falls Train leads up to the upper end of the first Reichenbach Falls. From here a hiking route leads downhill up to above of the falls with numerous viewpoints! (Water-falls photographers are asked to note the enclosed exclamation mark, all non-photographers will not regret climbing up either).

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