Friday, 1 November 2013

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel, Dubai

If you wanted to see most thrilling and exciting views then Underwater Hotel Dubai is finest place for you. Around the world, it is one of the most exclusive, hotels that offer world class accommodations. It is also famous for the biggest and expensive construction with a state of art facilities as well as features. Staying at the hotel is indeed a very memorable experience that you could treasure in your whole life. It is a very expensive hotel yet it is one of the most rewarding hotels to stay in. Hydropolis Underwater Hotel is a beautiful concept for your summer vacation. Indeed this is unique & luxurious concept under the sea and first such megaproject in the world.

This fabulous Hydropolis Underwater hotel has several places for your perfect holiday, as it sees the real sea beauty under beneath the sea. Above you may have the sea view which is very remarkable and sight the sun sink. The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel is situated 30 meters below the surface of the Persian Gulf off the coast of Jumeirah in Dubai. Tourists will be greeted by the underwater exquisiteness and recreation under the water. This Hotel is one of the largest modern construction projects worldwide and has 261 hectares.

The Hotel was built in June of 2010. The Hotel has Bar, Restaurant, wedding receptions and conferences. The hotel is separated into three interesting and distinctive areas. All of those areas are exceptional and holds something that will really catch everyone’s attention. One of the hotels distinctive parts is the land station. It is a huge tunnel that linked to the main area of the hotel. Tourists are warmly welcomed sincerely and entertained at this area. By means of train, people are transported from the land station to the main area. This megaproject hotel’s & resort was designed by Prof. Roland Dieterle that would have been the world's first underwater luxury resort. It was planned to be situated 66 feet below the surface of the Persian Gulf off Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, and projected to cost $300 million to construct. It is explained that there is a magnificent analogy why the hotels architecture is patterned as the human physiology.

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