Saturday, 28 September 2013

Nuorilang Falls Zechawa Valley, in Jiuzhaigou, China

Nuorilang Falls is located near where the Rize Valley meets the Zechawa Valley, in Jiuzhaigou. It is mainly the epicenter of Jiuzchaigou. The beautiful Nuorilang Waterfall is over 300 meters wide and spans a ridge, which is 20 meters high with a smooth top floor Nuorilang means "grand" in Tibetan. Jiuzhaigou's Nuorilang Falls, cascading 80 feet down in the clear mountain light 7,700 feet above sea level,. The two lovely valleys serve as the main thoroughfares of Jiuzhaigou. If you're going to travel Jiuzhaigou, I’d recommend hiking the Rize Valley, the more scenic of the two valleys, followed by the Zechawa Valley, which rises to a higher elevation but lacks the diversity of the Rize Valley. Whichever you select first, when you reach the bottom of that valley, you'll reach Nuorilang Falls, at which point you can take a bus to the summit of the other valley, and walk back down again. Expect to spend all day hiking Jiuzhaigou, and, if you've got the time, you could simply spend two days hiking the park. Moreover an observation tower is established on the opposite side of the Nuorilang Waterfall. So when you standing on the tower, travelers have a panoramic view of the whole waterfall. In the morning, the waterfall bathes in the sun’s bright rays and looks even more charming as the water sparkles with colorful rainbows. In winter, the waterfall normally forms a massive ice curtain with countless icicles hanging on the cliff, creating a unusual ice crystal world.

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