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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Prague’s Klementinum, The Most Beautiful Library in The World

Prague’s Klementinum library is one of most beautiful libraries in the world, and it was opened in 1722. Though, aside housing more than 20,000 books for your reading pleasure, this location showcases unquestionably spectacular Baroque architecture. As you are checking various timeworn bookshelves, you can take a moment to look up and see Jan Hiebl's heavenly, Renaissance-style ceiling paintings. Between his splendid works, there’re symbolic designs that represent the significance of education, along with fanciful portraits of Jesuit saints. Hence, Hiebl's paintings in fact pay homage to the fact that the library was formerly a Jesuit university. Several of the school's rare, 17th-century books are still amongst its collection these days. That would easily explain why Emperor Joseph II's portrait is displayed at the head of the hall, since he was the one who arranged for eliminated monastic libraries to send their books to “Klementinum”. At present, Google has numerous of these volumes in their possession because they're scanning them for Google Books. In 1777, Maria Theresa declared “Klementinum” to be a public and university library. This permitted the Prague community to observer this local treasure in person, to marvel at the globes that line the center of the library, and to study Jan Klein's intricate astronomical clocks. Source: Charismatic Planet

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Prachov Rock Formations

The majestically beautiful “Prachov Rock Formation” is one of the best-known rock cities in the Czech Republic, which is actually located in northwestern Bohemia between the towns of Jicin and Sobotka. The “Prachov Rock” ranks among the most popular destinations in the Czech Paradise.  The Rock has provides several inspiring sandstone formations set in a romantically varied landscape with several deep gorges and high rock towers providing round-about views. The rock is enormously attracting hikers as well as rock-climbers.

The tourists of the “Prachov Rock Formations” have a choice between two routes with the shorter one taking about 45 minutes though the other one is bit longer and more physically demanding one can take up to 2.5 hours and measures about 3.5 km. The Prachov Rock formations, like other sandstone rock formations of the Czech Paradise, date back to the Mesozoic era during which the entire area used to be the sea bottom. It is heavily segmented plateau was created of sandstones sediments, marlites and arenaceous marls during this era However historically, the “Prachov Rock Formations” belong to the Velis dominion once conquered by the now non-existent Velis Castle, built by the Czech king Premysl Otakar I.

Once the battle of “Bila Hora” ended, the dominion became property of the Schlick family which has taken the ownership of Prachov Rock Formations until 1948 and to whom the area was returned in 1993. The compact plateau that comprises mostly of Cretaceous had been intersected by little volcanic bodies. This actually caused the fracture of former compact plateau. These days’ formations such as rock blocks, towers and pillars have been formed by the water and wind activity, and these Rock formations are almost 40 meters high. The entire area is crisscrossed by marked walking trails that follow gullies and ridges through the thick forest to all the outstanding rock formations of the area. As in all protected landscape areas, it's not permitted to wander off the designated trails. Therefore you need a permit from the Czech Rockclimbing Association or a valid pass from another club affiliated with the International Association of Rockclimbing clubs.

The entry to the “Prachov Rock formations” is paid (however, appropriate discounts offer for students, children and seniors) as is parking at one of the two nearby parking lots. The “Prachov Rock Formations” are open to the public from April to October every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Therefore we suggest combine the trip to the “Prachov Rock Formations” with a visit to the elegant historical centers of the Jicin and Sobotka towns or other natural attractions or historical sights of the Czech Paradise. 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Krkonoše National Park Czech Republic

Krkonose National Park is unique mosaic ecosystems of Czech Republic consider most valuable natural area in central Europe. Due to its uniqueness the area is declared National Park in 1963. Visitor come this wonderful place to explore high mountain slopes, flat ridges, alpine meadows with colorful wildflowers and mysterious moorlands, all presided over by the “Czech Matterhorn”. This would be an amazing and terrific tour to an unspoiled landscaped with full of distant views, steep climbs, and accurate marked hiking trails of all difficult levels. Therefore; you can found a Museum here. The importance of the local landscape led to the Krkonose being included on the UNESCO list of biosphere reserves. The Krkonose National Park management headquarters are located in the town of Vrchlabí, often called the Gateway to Krkonoše. 

The majestic beauty of Krkonose National Park is most valuable sites, probably along the marked trail of Obří důl to Sněžka. This route is so demanding because of wonderful vistas of the expansive alpine landscape definitely make the effort worthwhile. This will offer the impressive view into the depths of the Obří důl Valley before climbing the highest Czech mountain, from where you can see almost half of Bohemia. The most interesting experience for you is the unique sights of the Krkonoše Mountains? Then you must go to Studniční Mountain, on whose southern slope you will find the so-called Map of the Republic. 

The middle of this area is consists of green meadows and dwarf pine forests lies a field of snow. As the snow in the valley melts, its shape slowly changes into a map of the Czech Republic. Moreover; sometimes it is happens in the Krkonose that a 5m snowbank never completely melts, so you must take warm clothing when visiting this place. It is considered one of the harshest climate conditions in Europe. Apart from main tourist destinations, you must plan to Rychory natural unspoiled trail, called Red Mountain and Devil’s Valley, due its natural beauty & fantastic view. Even you can go the Elbe River through a famous hiking route leading to the Labský důl Valley. Along the way you will see spectacular views of the Pančavský Waterfall, the highest falls in the Czech Republic. Its waters plummet into the valley from a height of up to 250 meters. It is an impressive theatrical show which few would expect to see in Central Europe. 

The beautiful nature and clean air and active movement will feel as if they’re really in Paradise of Krkonose Mountains. Here you can find unlimited climbs and crossings, and you just select one starting point, such as Špindlerův Mlýn, which is possibly the most renowned Czech winter resort and in summer serves as a great entry point for exploring the Krkonoše National Park. Source: Charismatic Planet

Monday, 14 October 2013

Jested Tower is a unique piece of architecture in Europe, Czech Republic

The hyperboloid shape of the structure is called Ještěd Tower a 94 meter-tall television transmitter and hotel integrated into one, built on the top of Ještěd Mountain near Liberec in the Czech Republic. It was designed by architect Karel Hubáček who received the Perret´s Prize of the International Union of Architects for it.

It naturally extends the silhouette of the hill as well as resists the severe climate conditions on the top of the hill. In the Tower's lower sections it houses a hotel and a tower restaurant. It was well built in the middle of 1960s and.

The tower and the mountain are situated approximately 6 kilometers from the center of Liberec and serves as a leading attraction in the city. 

The monument is accessible by cable car & by road from the foot of the mountain. The hyperboloid shape tower consist of two concentric tubes of varying height in diameters of 5m and 13m, on which individual floors are suspended on a steel structure, starting with the third story above ground. 

On the outer perimeter of the first floor a glazed gallery opens directly tied in to a spiral access ramp. An internal annulus of the first floor forms the entrance hall and reception to the hotel, which is liberated by a suspended staircase leading to an observation restaurant on the second floor. 

The next two floors, clad in aluminum, are used for accommodation. And on the 3rd floor are 14 hotel rooms for a total of 56 guests. On the 4th floor fixed for the rooms for employees of the transmitter and the hotel and two three-roomed flats. However; the area of the 5th to 7th floors are set aside for the aerials of the transmitting technology. 

There is especially developed laminated cladding, against extreme weather conditions, in the shape of a revolving hyperboloid. On the 7th and 8th floors there is a tank for drinking water and battery-operated back-up power supply. The ninth floor contains the lift plant room. Above it a unique pendulum is installed, whose movement absorbs the transverse oscillation of the tower?

Jested Tower is a unique piece of architecture in Europe, Jested-Kozakov ridge, Liberec, Czech Republic. A variety of cycling and hiking possibilities are available in the near vicinity. Babylon Water Park is 10 km away, while the Zoo and the Botanical Garden are 15 kilometer away.