Sunday, 23 June 2019

Mount Shuksan - Washington

Mount Shuksan is a glaciated massif on Canada-United States border. This is a jagged alpine peak rises in Whatcom County, Washington to the east of Mount Baker. Mount Shuksan name mean is “high peak” composed of greenchist, and oceanic basalt. Mount Shuksan is the highest point on the three sided peak known as Summit Pyramid. Mount Shuksan has no comparison in the range when one think the structural beauty of its four major faces and five ridges. Mt. Shuksan is one of the highest non-volcanic peaks 9,127 feet. A strikingly beautiful peak, it is the most frequently photographed mountain in the United States.

Almost 120 million years ago, Mount Shuksan was metamorphosed when the Easton terrane collided with the west coast of North America. It is an eroded leftover of a thrust plate formed by the Easton collision. On the West side view it is as seen from Artist Point. The nearby road allows visitors to take a closer view of the peak. Mount Shuksan is one of most photogenic mountain in Cascade Range. The majestic reflection of Mount Shuksan is seen close to Mount Baker Ski area.

The beautiful Sulphide Creek Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in North America, plunges off the southeastern flank of Mount Shuksan. There are four other tall waterfalls that spill off Mount Shuksan and neighboring Jagged Ridge and Seahpo Peak, mostly sourced from small snowfields and glaciers. Mount Shuksan has something to offer everyone. It has an approach through immaculate forests, reasonable glacier travel, and an exhilarating and airy summit. The surrounding views of North Cascade peaks can't be beat.

In the early of 19th century, Asahel Curtis and W. Montelius was reported first ascent the Mount Shuksan. However, some critics reported that Joseph Morowits was the first ascent in 1897. He also attempted to climb the Mount Shuksan in 1903 but he had not been sure that it had already been climbed. The Shuksan is one of the finest mountaineering objectives by its reputation requiring a variety of alpine climbing techniques. It is surely deserved a wide variety of challenges can be encountered on this fairly complex mountain.

Mount Shuksan Climbing Route

All climbers must know the basic snow and glacier climbing skills. Depending upon the route, it is definiately a fun mix snow climbing, easy rock scrambling, and plentiful ledges.
1.       Sulphide Glacier Route is recommended for beginners.
2.       Fisher Chimneys Route is recommended for Intermediate level.
3.       North Face Route is recommended for advance level.

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