Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Carhenge, The Replica of Stonehenge in Nebraska, United State

Carhenge is a replica of England's Stonehenge located near the city of Alliance, Nebraska, in United States. Carhenge is built by American artist Jim Reinders as a tribute to his dad in 1987, Secret Marvels says, that it’s fast becoming a cult destination. It is made of 39 classic American cars in the exact formation of Stonehenge. Carhenge arranged in a circle measuring about 29 meters in diameter, held upright in pits 1.5 meters deep, trunk end down, and arches have been formed by welding automobiles atop the supporting models. As you know, that original Stonehenge is built with large standing stones, but Carhenge is built from vintage American automobile, but all covered with gray spray paint.
Carhenge replicates Stonehenge's current dilapidated state, rather than the original stone circle erected between 2500 BC and 2000 BC. Three cars were buried at Carhenge with a sign stating: "Here lie three bones of foreign car”s. They served our purpose while Detroit slept. Now Detroit is awake and America's great!" Moreover, the Carhenge site includes several other artworks created from autos covered with several colors of spray paint.
Jim Reinders lives in England, and during study, he studied the structure of Stonehenge, which helped him to copy the structure's shape, proportions, and size. Other automobile sculptures were subsequently added to the location of Carhenge, which is now known as the Car Art Reserve. Thus, Reinders donated the 10-acre site to the Friends of Carhenge. In 2011 the Friends of Carhenge listed the attraction for sale for $300,000. In 2013 the Friends of Carhenge donated the site to the Citizens of Alliance.
Carhenge is used often in popular culture, and makes appearances in film, popular music, television programs and commercials. Yet despite its latter-day popularity Carhenge remains a remote wonder, far from the nearest interstate. It's a place that you really have to dedicate time to drive to, and appreciate your vehicle when you get there.

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