Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Fly Geyser of Nevada, USA

Fly Geyser is completely a natural phenomenon that Mother Nature gives us strange characteristics. Fly Geyser, also known as Fly Ranch Geyser is a small geothermal geyser located in Washoe County, Nevada approximately 20 miles north of Gerlach. Fly Geyser is a geyser with several channels which is located in the black rock desert of Washoe County, a rural part of northwest of the state of Nevada, USA. The source of the Fly Geyser field's heat is attributed to a very deep pool of hot rock where tectonic rifting and faulting are common. It was unintentionally created by well drilling in 1964 for the study of sources of geothermal energy.

At that time it was not correctly packed, the earth minerals started flowing outside and build up with travertine hillock on which the geyser stand and continues growing. Moreover, pump water continually, reaching with the height of 5 feet under the sky. Around an area of 74 acres, the geyser is possessed of several terraces discharging water into 30 to 40 pools. Two additional geysers in this area were created in a same way and continue to grow. The first geyser is approximately three feet and is shaped like a miniature volcano; however, the second is cone-shaped and is about five feet. The geyser is made up of a series of different minerals, and its brilliant colors are due to thermophilic algae. Nevertheless, the truth is that Fly Geyser is located just inside a private ranch Fly Ranch in Hualapai Flat, owned by Todd Jaksick. There’s a high fence and a locked gate topped with spikes to exclude trespassers.

Thus, back in 1916 a group of farmers started construction, and they were looking for water tanks under the drylands to feed their crops. Hence, they drilled at this point in the landscape and found water, but a geothermal pocket of water was struck resulting in a geyser of boiling water which turned the area into a desert wetland, a thermal aquifer that flowed more than 200 °. Decades later in the 60's, the underground boiling water found a weak spot in the ground and a natural geyser was born. It is quite close to where the celebration of well-known bohemian festival every year outdoors, the Burning Man. Albeit small, in its place of full pressure of water in numerous times a day, but the highlight of the place is the spectrum of shapes and colors, just like a filmy set. It is caused by the combination of calcium carbonate rocks and presence of thermophilic algae. Moreover, inquisitiveness is that it has no precise natural origin. 

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