Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dead Sea, Jordan and Israel

Dead Sea is fascinated by the magic and healing power to create state-of-the-art cosmetics based on the minerals, plants and aromas. Dead Sea is a marvelous pantry of sea minerals and salts is the lowest point of the planet has depth of 377 meters. Dead Sea is an incredibly beautiful oasis in the desert and mountain terrain. Dead Sea is a closed lake, which lies between Jordan and Israel, located 394 meters below the sea level. Dead Sea length is 67 kilometers and the width at the maximum point amounts 18 kilometers. It is called a hypersaline lake which has no outlet to the sea. Its healing properties entice tourists from all over the world to see the mysteriousness, legendary and truly uniqueness! Though, each year the water level decreases by 1 meter. So, specialists predict that in the coming 800 years the Dead Sea would turn into Dead Valley. Moreover Dead Sea is deepest salt lake in the world. It contains the concentration of salt and other minerals, the level of salinity of which is superior the ocean water.
The Dead Sea one of the most saline water bodies in the world (33.7%). Such a remarkably high salt concentration lets people to effortlessly float on the surface of the water in a natural way. Even a person can read a newspaper or a book, without fear to wet it. This water is not suitable for living beings, though tiny bacteria and microfungi are present here. The main tributary of the lake is the Jordan River, located above the Rift Valley area. The Dead Sea represents two reservoirs, the north one which is wider and less salty, and the south one a small, near the shores of which people extract potash, bromine and numerous salts for chemical companies that produce the world famed cosmetics.
The Dead Sea area has become a major research center in the field of health for some good reason. Because the mineral content in the water is distinctive; as no pollen and other allergens in the atmosphere, due to the large depth there is less ultraviolet in sunlight radiation and the atmospheric pressure is higher, which has a beneficial effect on the human health. A distinctive benefit of this place lies in healing mineral mud, has a wound-healing effect, strengthens hair roots, and eliminates dandruff and seborrhea. After the mud application the wrinkles are smoothed out and usually the aging course is slowed down.
Furthermore, the Dead Sea water is very effectively helps in the treatment of allergies, psoriasis, eczema, acne. It also improves the blood circulation and enhance metabolism, calms the nervous system, cleanses skin and improves its appearance and elasticity. Thus, the low humidity and high evaporation at high levels of bromide in the air proliferations metabolism, increases bronchial tubes and blood vessels, normalizes the activity of the nervous system. Hence, this combination of rich mineral water, sunlight filtered by the troposphere and dry air of the desert attracts many people. And it is far from the whole list of useful properties of this place. The water of Dead Sea is having the density of 1.240kg/L due to which swimming in Dead Sea is almost synonymous to floating. That is why it is said that nobody ever drowns in the Dead Sea. It is worthy of mentioning in this connection that the Great Salt Lake in America is also similar to Dead Sea in this respect.Source: Charismatic Planet

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