Thursday, 9 February 2017

Incredible Dragon’s Eye View of Stunning Pictures Game of Thrones locations

The most spectacular drone footage has captured the unbelievable natural beauty of Game of Thrones locations from above. The majestic dragon’s eye views show a geyser shooting water high into the air in Iceland as well as the intricate patterns the land makes when looked at from a bird eye view. It's no small wonder in this spectacular landscape as implausible pictures show the contrast of the ash grey volcanic land against the lush green countryside. The Russian photographer took the pictures and videos in Norway and Iceland. The 26 year old photographer Dmitry Bubonets, took the stunning images in both countries, where locations are extremely beautiful, stunning fjords, mountains, and waterfalls captivate the heart of nature beauty.
The jaw-dropping experience is amazing when you are watching black sand beaches, nature without trees and stunning waterfalls. However, the mind-blowing landscape is not totally from this Earth. There are seemingly more volcanoes in Iceland than people! And that moss is so green compared to the gloomy cloudy weather outside that you may think that everything is Photoshopped.' The photographer used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to shoot the footage, ran into some problems due to the bad weather in Scandinavia, very windy indeed. Hence, as for piloting, you should be careful because of the wind once again. It won't turn your drone upside down, but once the wind was so strong that full throttle on my drone was only 0.2 meters/second when it should be around 24. Although the wind was much stronger close to the ground and I positively returned to the starting point. The talented Bubonets expectation is that his footage can motivate people to travel to parts of the world they wouldn't otherwise consider.

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