Friday, 19 August 2016

Stunning Aerials View of Bangladesh Landscapes

In this eerie photo series, you can see majestic bird's-eye view of beautiful Bangladesh, dramatic landscapes and endless traditions captured in spectacular aerial snaps. A Bangladeshi pilot Shamim Shorif Susom has captured fascinating bird eye photographs that show river, lakes and green landscapes in his home country. The Bangladeshi pilot took these stunning photos, while flying across the South Asian country mainly famous for small villages, serene countryside outside the busy capital of Dhaka.

 He tries to give an exclusive look at daily life of villagers, whose life span is fertile farmland and paddy fields, and fisherman who set out every day on rivers or lakes in traditional boats. Susom was belonging to a small village, change his life by moving to Dhaka for higher study, and eventually became a pilot. His passion never dies for his country, has never forgotten his roots.  He says, I’m very fortunate enough to fly and fortunate enough to see my root, my village, my urban life from a different perspective. Therefore, at the end of day, I’m trying to capturing memoirs of my reconnection. I’m revisiting my country my past, and especially my childhood. I love my past, my village, my roots, and my country as well. 

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