Friday, 26 February 2016

The Stunning Photos of Hidden Indian Landscape

Well, here you’ve a chance to see incredible India, probably you’ve never seen. Photographer Neelima Vallangi has unearthed stunning photos of country’s stunning forests, snowcapped mountains in Himalayas and islands far away from the bustling metropolises. Most of photorgraphers, concentrate on Indian crowded streets, ancient temples, roads, and colorful fabrics. But, this is breathtaking hidden side far away from the usual bustle. The daredevil photographer has discovered India’s peaceful and serene corners of the country, capturing beautiful images in Karnataka in the South and Himalayas in the north.

The brave photographer spent massive time for hiking and travelling to remote corners of the country to explore India's natural diversity. The 30 years old lady photographer said, for the longest time I shield away from travelling in India, therefore, when I travelled in 2008 to Himalayas I found India’s silent places. Although places full of character yet devoid of the crowd that has become synonymous with our loving country. The magnificent landscape was a revelation from Himalayas to deserts and evergreen forests to pristine beaches. My aim is to explore natural beauty to show that India’s is one of great picturesque place.  Therefore, in my quest my avoid throngs of people as much as possible, I being straying away as far as possible from the mainstream and thus started my journey to discover another India. I’m sure everyone would be inspired with my work.