Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Lake Anjikuni, The Mysterious Vanishing Village

Lake Anjikuni is incredible phenomena when entire village vanishes and nowhere to be found. Lake Anjikuni is a lake in Kivalliq Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is one of several lakes located along the Kazan River; Ennadai Lake is to the south and Yathkyed Lake is to the north.The Lake Anjikuni takes the things to the next level and disappears the entire village. The incident took place in Nov 1930, when a trapper named Joe Labelle was looking for shelter for night. Although he was very much familiar with the village, whose population was around 2000 peoples? So, you might not believe it, he made his way there and found quite an eerie scene the villagers were nowhere to be found, everything else, including food and rifles had been left behind. Since then, the story of Angikuni Lake has been a mainstay of Canadian mystery lore.

The normal signs of life were entirely absent. Even no laughter or the hubbub of conversation was detected. Therefore, Labelle telegraphed the RCMP and an investigation started how the entire village burial ground it was revealed that at least one (sources vary) grave had been opened, clearly not by animals, and emptied. In addition, about 300 feet from the village, the seven bodies 7 sled dogs were found, having starved to death despite open stores of food at the village. However, some versions of the story even report weird lights being seen above the lake around the time of the disappearance.

Therefore, what would really happen? Not confirmed yet, however there have been all sorts of claims about the cause for the disappearance, including aliens, ghosts, and even vampires. However, RCMP’s own website disregards the story as an urban legend, but with so various versions of it floating around from so numbers of years ago, it’s extremely hard to be certain. Except about the vampires, as believe can be certain it wasn’t vampires. Currently, no physical evidence exists of a village at Angikuni Lake, and nobody has ever published an account of going up there and clearing away any remnants. So mainly trust on documentary evidence to find the real history of the vanishing village.