Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Unique Underwater Museum at Cape Tarkhankut

More than 100 meters off the coast at Cape Tarhankut, the westernmost part of Crimea, at a depth of 10 to 12 meters is a distinctive museum of sculptures. The unique underwater museum has more than 50 sculptures and busts of former Soviet leaders including Lenin, Stalin, and Marx, as well as beautiful replicas of some of the world’s iconic attraction such as the Eiffel Tower of Paris and London's Tower Bridge.

The museum, also known as "Alley of Leaders", was created in 1992 by scuba diver Vladimir Broumenskyy, a native of Donetsk. Therefore the Soviet Union had just shrunken and there was an surplus of broken statues and busts of communist leaders that the eclectic crowds had pulled down from their pedestals. Moreover some of those went to Moscow where it became “Park of the Fallen Heroes”. Furthermore Vladimir Broumenskyy gets together a few and took them with him to Cape Tarhankut where he sunk them into the sea. Hence the underwater museum has been growing ever since with new exhibits, and being situated at an already trendy scuba diving site, the exclusive museum has never complained about lack of visitors.