Thursday, 12 November 2015

Spectacular Photos Reveals why China is One of the Most Attractive Country on Earth

Indeed China is the most beautiful country in the world due to ancient and intoxicating travelers keen to explore its vast and varied landscape. However, one of largest country on planet earth, and these mind blogging pictures prove the most beautiful landscape in the world and so big and diverse there is always something new to discover. Therefore, from rainbow-colored rolling hills that look like they’re from another world, to an abandoned village clad in vines in Shengshan Island the Asian country is a visual feast. Below are exquisite images show the country bursting with color and culture, and their national parks. 

There are lots of natural treasures, like “turquoise lakes of Jiǔzhàigōu National Park” and sunsets on the rice fields in Yuanyang County are just two of the striking landscapes that have mostly captivate tourists to the country. For the moment the well-known Great Wall of China is a massive pull for tourists, but in what way many have stopped to admire the end of the structure jutting into the sea? Moreover around every corner is an inviting panorama with one of the most unbelievable being the world's largest Buddhist settlement in Larung, which features thousands of red wooden huts contrasting sharply against the green hills. Well, here’re we take you on a visual journey to explore this wonderful country in all its natural glory and reveal why China is well worth a visit.