Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Vasquez Rocks, A Spectacular Rock Formations

The beautiful Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park is a 932-acre park located in the Sierra Pelona Mountains, in northern Los Angeles County, California. This is an exclusive rock formation in the area, which are in result of rapid erosion and uplift about 25 million years ago and later exposed by activity along the San Andreas Fault. However, it is in Agua Dulce between the Antelope Valley and the Santa Clarita Valley north of Los Angeles and seen easily by motorists driving the Antelope Valley Freeway (CA 14). It is projected that more than 25 million years ago, the collision of the North American and Pacific tectonic plates uplifted the area along the Elkhorn Fault. Therefore, energetic erosion of the highland along with uplift and volcanism caused debris flow sediments to be distributed in alluvial fans into a speedily subsiding rift well-known as the Soledad Basin.

It is favorite location of commercial, movies, and television due to its mesmerizing landscape. Vasquez Rocks has been used repeatedly in motion pictures, television series, and in moving and still-image advertisements.  Many photographers like this rock place for photography purpose. It is also considered a heaven for hiking trails. In 1970’s the land and rock formations were acquired by the Los Angeles County government and added to the National Register of Historic places in 1972. His name has since been associated with this geologic feature. In 1873 and 1874, Tiburcio Vásquez, one of California's most disreputable bandits, used these rocks to elude capture by law enforcement. Because of its significance as a prehistoric site, the Vasquez Rocks comprise mainly of coarse-grained conglomerate and breccia sediments which were deposited nearby to active faults during rapid uplift and subsequent erosion of the San Gabriel Mountains.

The Vasquez Rocks preferred to call it Nature's Haven where the animals were trained and lived with them. Vasquez Rocks is an amazing and if you’re “Star Trek” fan then you will like it even more. The stunning rock formation has been nicknamed "Kirk's Rock" due to being featured in several Star Trek episodes, each time representing a different planet Hike is good too although a little tricky at places. There is no fee to enter the park, but make sure collecting rocks is strictly prohibited. Therefore, if you want to climb some of the rocks you should wear good quality shoes or climbing shoes. Moreover, you should bring adequate water in the summer as it gets very hot. The park activities include: campfire nature talks, equestrian programs, a junior ranger program, seasonal special events, hiking and horseback riding. Picnic areas are provided. Charismatic Planet